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A look forward
to 2023

After much-needed reflection, we were excited to develop our goals for the future. Here’s a preview of what’s in store for the year ahead.


Thank you for joining us on this reflective journey through 2022! As a team, we took the time to look back at what went well, what could have been better, and how we can further contribute to the participatory democracy space in 2023. So what are the main goals we have for the year ahead?

In 2023 we want to

Host more projects per engagement platform, so that residents have a chance to participate continuously

Encourage projects across more policy domains, so the public can engage across topics and contribute their expertise in a variety of ways

Help clients run high-participation projects, so they can build a culture of engagement with their teams and their community 

Offer new ways to combine online and offline engagement, to reach more people and ensure more inclusive engagement processes.  

We believe these goals will help us on the road to engaging 500,000 community members in 2023! We’re excited to continue making public decision-making more inclusive, participatory, and responsive alongside our team and client base, and to welcoming more passionate individuals to this growing community. 

To everyone who has contributed thus far

Thank you! Merci! Danke! Bedankt! Gracias!

Благодаря ти! Tak! Obrigado! Obrigada! متشکرم! Дзякуй! Hvala! Grazie! Teşekkürler! شكرًا

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